This page is specifically for those people authorising (and potentially paying for) executive coaching for the leaders in their business. We know that you need to see a return on your coaching investment. As a leader of leaders you can’t afford to say no to executive coaching. It’s not a cost – it’s an investment in your company’s future success and you will achieve a quantifiable return on your investment dollar.

Our clients have estimated to have achieved returns ranging from $100,000 to millions of dollars though quantifiable benefits such as:
– increased staff retention
– increased client retention
– better decision making
– efficiencies
– reduced time for project completion
– improved team productivity and performance
– and the bottom line… increased revenues.

One quote from a client who benefited from ROI first hand:
“I faced a situation in which we were asking a large work group to work longer, more flexible hours, and they  were digging their heels in. My coach helped me to develop an approach in which we worked with the group, involving them in coming up with a solution to the problem that meant everyone got their needs met.  They came up with a simple but effective plan, and we made the transition smoothly and easily. I know that if I’d used the approach I intended to use (telling them what we were going to do and then throwing money at the ensuing dissatisfaction), it would have cost us millions of dollars … and still would have left a bad taste in their mouths.” IT Manager, major Australian bank

Your company’s future depends on having smart, visionary, skilled influential leaders.

Coaching with Development Partners is the best investment you can make.