Leadership Team Coaching

Leadership Team Coaching

There is no “perfect path” to creating a conscious business:  ten different businesses will have ten different stories of their journey.  But there is one pre-requisite upon which almost everyone agrees: transformation must start at the top.

Does this mean that,without the CEO and Board on board, you can’t become a more conscious business?  No!  We have seen transformation occur at all levels in business.  If you are a leader, there’s no need to wait.  Start where you are.   But if you wish to achieve transformational change in your business or business unit, you need to ensure first that your leadership team is engaged.

Your leadership team should go through its own “wake-up call” prior to attempting to roll out any change program to other levels of the organisation. The senior leadership team must ensure that the purpose of the organisation is clear and compelling to them, and that the individual and team commitment to becoming a conscious business is strong.

Development Partners’ approach to building conscious leadership teams

We recommend starting with a leadership team coaching process, in which the leadership team first openly explores the the principles of conscious leadership.  This will include exploring the benefits, identifying what needs to change, and deciding, as individuals and team members, whether this is a path they want to be part of.  The process should not be rushed; every member  of the leadership team needs to fully embrace these changes.  And consciousness can never be directed.

Over a period of months, with reading, offsite sessions, testing ideas, and individual coaching for leadership team members, the team will become ready to lead the change.   Once they have a deep understanding of this new way of leading, and are willing to walk the talk, the team can design the roll-out to the rest of the business, and begin showing the way through their own actions.

What’s the risk?  There are two:

  1. The transformation may be slower than you wish.   Consciousness cannot be dictated and commenced on January 1st.  It must be learned, experienced, and embraced.
  2. There will be some leaders and teams that won’t make it across the line.   Which is why this process is essential.  Without the true support of the leadership team, the transformation can’t be successful.

For those that do make the shift, the process is will be one of the most satisfying things they have ever done.  And the results for the business will be extraordinary.

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