“What makes a company great is not primarily its top leader, but the quality of its innumerable everyday ones”   John Holmes

If your organisation would like to leverage the impact of Executive Coaching, you may want to consider Group Coaching.  Our coach can work with groups of 6-12 leaders at the same time, with powerful and effective results.  Some of the ways we have worked with groups are:

1) Coaching the group in frequently identified leadership needs (e.g. Authentic Personal Brand, Courageous Communication, Networking, Mentoring and Sponsorship, Influencing, and Goal Setting)

2) Finding immediate ways for individual leaders to bring your organisation’s Purpose and Values to life on a day-to-day basis.

3) Introducing the group to the principles of Conscious Capitalism and Purpose-Centred Leadership.

The difference between Group Coaching and traditional training can seem subtle until you have experienced it.  Some of the characteristics of Group Coaching are:

  • The sessions are short (typically two hours) and very action-focused.
  • They are run monthly over a period of several months, with each session building on the previous ones.
  • The sessions are highly interactive, using coaching questions to stimulate self-learning and learning from each other.
  • Each session has practical, hands-on homework to be completed between sessions with review and discussion of the outcomes participants have achieved.
  • The coach will communicate with coachees between sessions, and will be available to coachees if they need to discuss any aspect of the coaching.

Finally, participants, through their sharing and discussion, tend to build valuable connections with each other, creating high levels of  trust and collaboration.