Conscious Leadership Coaching

Conscious Leadership Coaching

After more than 20 years of coaching leaders who have achieved at the highest levels, we’ve found that there are a few principles that stand out, particularly for those leaders who want to do more than just survive and prevail.
These are the ones who want to make a positive difference:  They are the Conscious Leaders.

Conscious Leaders have an authentic personal brand.  They stand out from the vanilla crowd because they stand for something that they care deeply and passionately about. They put in the effort to find what they stand for, and share that with others.

Conscious leaders are more concerned about their character than their reputation.  They are unflinchingly self-aware.  Sure, reputation is important, but if you get the character part right (acting with integrity, being trustworthy, honouring your promises, apologizing when appropriate) reputation tends to fall into line.  Character takes a lot more effort.  But it’s worth it, and it lasts a lifetime.

Conscious leaders “get” the power of relationships.  They create deep connections and trust with their leaders, colleagues, teams and stakeholders.  Real relationships that often turn into strategic alliances and life-long collaborations.

Conscious leaders are amazing communicators.  Not always in a charismatic way; they are just as likely to be introverted as extroverted.  They are genuine.  They give praise freely when it is appropriate, and don’t hold back on tough messages when the other person needs to hear them.  They have clean intent in all their communication, and they say it so it can be heard.

Conscious Leaders are Servant leaders.   Unlike those who believe leadership is all about control, conscious leaders know that they are there to serve the higher purpose of their business, and to empower and enable the people who work with them and for them.  They give credit to others freely, and take responsibility when things go wrong.

How do you move from old leadership ideas and behaviours to the new ones?  We believe the best, fastest, and most effective way to get there is through coaching.

Whether it’s individual coaching, group coaching, or team coaching, our approach will create the space for real change:  New and revitalised leadership.

We stay with you every step of the way, supporting, encouraging, challenging, and guiding. We care as much about your success as you do.